Rødevej 2D, 8800 Viborg, Denmark


Extended Reality

Using Extended Reality tool gives the opportunity to blend virtual and factual elements together, and thus generating a truly immersive experience.

Extended Reality(XR) is a common term for Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR), wherin VR tries to generate another virtual reality and AR uses reality and transforms it.


Animation is an extremely useful tool to give a clear and quick understanding of your brand, project or product and can contribute to solve many different problems.

It is also a smart dissemination tool to be used in art and culture project of all sizes.


Our work with installations is broad and is commonly used in contemporary art and cultural exhibitions and events.

Only limit is the imagination, whether you want to give an entire building new life using projection technology or adding a digital input to an exhibition.


Hvis jeres brand eller produkt kræver et vist blikfang, er digitale værktøjer som 3D modellering og rendering gode muligheder for at opnå højere interesse.

You can use a 3D product film or still images to illustrate how the product will look like, but also utilize Virtual Reality to show your potential customers the opportunities with your product.

There is also possibilities in making internal productions for training staff.